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Model Portraits

In order to put the model at ease, bring some music with you! Firstly, this will guarantee some great candid shots and, furthermore, the situation is much more relaxed. Plus, if you're going for a certain mood in your photos you can choose the music accordingly! This is also great for people who aren't used to modelling.

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Artistic Portraits

Talk to the model while you're shooting and tell him or her what you're doing. If you don't tell the model that you're - for example - adjusting your settings, he or she will think that it's them who aren't posing quite right. This will show in your photos, so avoid that by communicating.

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Photoshoot Tips

Looking to improve yourself? Then you've come to the right place! Here you'll find tips and tricks to anything concerning photography - no matter if you're a model or photographer. Feel free to add more tips and tricks to the list by contacting me.

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