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I’m Rhea Watson

Oh, hi! If you’re new to these parts, lemme introduce myself. I’m Rhea Watson, and I kick ass at everything, all the time. HA! Kidding. Mostly I’ve made mistakes and can’t pretend I’m perfect for more than 14 seconds at a time. For the full rundown of how I got to here, take a gander at this. To hit the high points with me, keep reading!

Clients Testimonials

You were professional throughout and always made us feel at ease as we could have a laugh and banter with you, which always helps!! You did such a fantastic job with everybody on the day and with the photos. You captured so many beautiful, natural shots which we love.

Maria Smith, Bride
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Semi Photographer

I have an incredible portfolio and satisfied clients all over the world

Much of my photography incorporates people who don’t model professionally, so I allow plenty of opportunities to converse before and during the shoot, putting them at ease in front of the camera.

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